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Who is Ton TB

Ton T.B., born in Den Bosch area (the Netherlands) as Ton van Empel, has been around for quiet some time now. He’s probably best known for a number of massive club hits under his Three Drives moniker, like ‘Sunset On Ibiza’, ‘Air Traffic’ and of course the 1997 all time classic ‘Greece 2000’.

How it is formed

As Ton T.B., he was signed to Tiësto’s Black Hole label for years, delivering some memorable tracks like ‘Electronic Malfunction’ and another Tiësto fav, ‘Dream Machine’. Over the years, Ton’s tracks have been licensed to prestigious international labels like Hooj Choons, Xtravaganza, VC Recordings and Vandit Records.

My future

Ton T.B is not just a producer. He is also critically acclaimed as a deejay, with performances on major events like Dance Valley, Trance Energy, Impulz Outdoor, Mysteryland and Tomorrowland, just to name a few. Ton also rocked established clubs as Club Space Miami, Turnmills London, Tangled Manchester, Haoman 17 Jerusalem and Privilege Ibiza. And now it’s 2018. It is considered one of the biggest

"We really enjoyed watching him play. Amazing music!"
Ton TB

All About my music We present

New track

Formed In June, 2008

6 Albums

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"Soon comming with more news! Keep an eye on my site"
Ton TB